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Yo San University is a place dedicated to your personal growth and to your education as an integrative Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. Our students attain a level of excellence and professionalism unparalleled in the field. We’re inspiring a new generation of healthcare, and looking for passionate people like you to join our vibrant, collaborative community. Both individuals and our communities are seeking innovative approaches to health and wellness

In Chinese medicine, both the practitioner and patient participate in the care process. The practitioner contributes his/her medical skills and the patient attends to day-to-day aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. This proactive and collaborative approach is the essence of Chinese Medicine. It demands that practitioners assess the complexities of each patient’s case and recommend personalized treatment plans that address the root causes of illness or chief complaints. Recommended care plans may include a combination of additional acupuncture treatments, herbs, dietary recommendations qigong (breathing and movement exercise), and other Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities. The philosophy of the Community Clinic is to provide integrated medicine by treating the whole person – mind, body, and spirit, not just the disease.

Services Provided at The Wellness Center:

Managing Chronic Conditions: Yo San University of Traditional Medicine provides free acupuncture services for pain management in the integrated medicine hub on a weekly basis. Acupuncture services are being provided through a supervised student externship. A client is guaranteed up to six sessions free of cost.

*Therapy sessions by appointment only*

Visit the Navigation Desk at The Wellness Center to register. 

To learn more about Yo San University, click here
For a schedule of classes at The Wellness Center, click here.
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