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Aside from being a central location for organizations to provide services, The Wellness Center offers services of its own. Cecilia Aguilar is a trusted volunteer of the organization who cares deeply about improving the lives of community members. She teaches a weekly yoga class for beginners and individuals with limited mobility. In addition, Cecilia has a Walking Group that is open to everyone!


Services Provided at The Wellness Center:

Health & Fitness Group Classes: The Wellness Center offers a weekly Chair Yoga Class (beginner's class), Walking Group, & Knitting Group. 

Leadership: The Wellness Center offers opportunities for the community to become involved including Resident Advocacy Committee and Health Innovation Community Partnership.

Managing Chronic Conditions: The Wellness Center offers a class called "Viviendo Sanamente" that helps individuals manage their chronic conditions. 




For a schedule of classes at The Wellness Center, click here

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