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East Los Angeles 
Women's Center 

24-hour Hotline:

Need Assistance with domestic violence or sexual assault? Call below for resources, support, and care. 



The East Los Angeles Women's Center (ELAWC) has been a trailblazer since its founding in 1976. ELAWC became the first bilingual English/Spanish language 24-hour rape and battering hotline for survivors of sexual assault in Southern California and has since been a reliable resource for survivors of both sexual and domestic violence throughout Los Angeles County.

Services Provided at The Wellness Center:

Counseling, Therapy, & Peer Support: ELAWC provides sexual assault and domestic violence services (such as crisis intervention, counseling, individual and group therapy, and resources and referrals). ELAWC also offers support groups for HIV+ women.

Healthy Families, Children, & Youth: ELAWC provides HIV/AIDS services (bilingual HIV prevention workshops for women), Teen Violence Prevention ("All my Relationships" Workshops) for young women & girls, male partners, parents, and youth leadership development).


If you are worried about your safety at home during this time: 
  • Call Project Safe Haven
    • 24Hr Hotline - (800) 585-6231 
    • Shelter line - (323) 843-0014

To learn more about the ELAWC, click here.
For a schedule of classes at The Wellness Centerclick here.


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We are here.
Estamos aqui.

A crisis, by definition is an urgentdifficult, or dangerous situation. For 44 years, ELAWC has risen up during times of crisis, when a survivor is sexually assaulted, lives in fear of intimate partner violence, or is on the threshold of homelessness because of domestic violence, poverty and isolation.


During this global COVID-19 crisis, we will be here for you. While we all face great risk to our health, safety, and financial well-being, we know that many of our community members are vulnerable and we collectively will be there for them. We will list resources on our website to provide support during this crisis.


We are committed to ensuring the safety of our staff, volunteers, and the families we serve and are making many adjustments so we can continue to provide services with confidence. Here are the measures we are taking:

  • To minimize personal contact, our staff is working a staggered schedule, or remotely.

  • We are following all CDC guidelines for disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces in our offices and in our shelters and practicing social distancing.

  • We are making adjustments in our shelters and programs to protect staff and clients from exposure to COVID-19.


We are all in this together. United in strength and compassion for all, we will prevail during this time of global crisis.

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