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The Carley Eissman Foundation was started by Carl and Lori Eissman after their 19-year-old daughter with epilepsy, Carley, died from an accident. The Carley Eissman foundation provides education and awareness of the efficacy of dietary therapies as an option for ending epileptic seizures. The foundation’s goals are to educate individuals on how a low carbohydrate diet works to decrease, or eliminate seizures and to teach families how to create recipes that integrate this diet into their daily lives.


Services Provided at The Wellness Center:

Managing Chronic Conditions: The Carley Eissman Foundation is here to educate on epilepsy therapy through food. Participants, beyond written words, are educated on eating a certain way to help them or someone close to them stop having seizures. The Carley Eissman Foundations hosts a free cooking class for people with epilepsy in The Wellness Center Demonstration Kitchen.

To learn more about the Carley Eissman Foundation, click here.

For a schedule of classes at The Wellness Center, click here

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